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— Bryan

Bryan's Calendar of Events

Some of Bryan’s public events through May have been postponed
owing to the tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic. Others are moving online.

Watch this page for updates.

Euphydryas phaeton (Baltimore Checkerspot) by Bryan Pfeiffer

Field Photography for Entomologists

January 18 McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity Gainesville, Florida

Entomologists need not purchase expensive photography gear to capture compelling images for use in presentations or publications. This session will cover the essentials for field photography with ordinary point-and-shoot cameras. From cerci to setae, you’ll be shocked to see what these cameras can “expose." This will be a presentation for the annual conference of the Center for Systematic Entomology.

Green Jay by Bryan Pfeiffer

Rice, Beans and Texas Birds

* To be rescheduled * North Branch Nature Center Montpelier, VT

A fundraiser to benefit the youth birding team heading to the Rio Grande Valley for Great Texas Birding Classic. During this trip, the young birders compete alongside other youth teams from around the country. Bryan will offer a talk and slide, and the youth birders will serve up a rice-and-beans supper to raise funds for the adventure. Stay tuned for details.

Clay-colored Sparrow by Bryan Pfeiffer

Solving Sparrows

May 1 — Now Posted for Viewing Online

There is joy to be found among the “little brown birds.” Yet so many birdwatchers lose patience and opportunity among sparrows. No more. In this hour-long webinar, Bryan Pfeiffer demystifies sparrow identification for novice and advancing birders alike. After all, whether you are staying home or finding your way to birding spots this spring, there will be sparrows. Lots of them. So let’s enjoy their little brown escapades. View Bryan's talk on YouTube »

Swamp Metalmark by Bryan Pfeiffer

Butterflies Online: Identification and Ecology

Starting June 1 (or Whenever You See Fit) $75

Discover, study, and enjoy butterflies during their peak flight season here in Vermont and beyond during this online course. Designed for beginning or advancing lepidopterists, the course will cover butterfly taxonomy, behavior, field techniques (including netting and photography), and classic identification challenges. In addition to assigned online readings and lectures, students will be advised how to locate nearby sites for their own independent observation of butterflies on the wing. Each student will be encouraged to take on an individualized project during the course.

River Jewelwing by Bryan Pfeiffer

Dragonflies and Damselflies: A Field Course

July 10-12 Montpelier, Vermont $425

This three-day seminar presents range of skills and ideas necessary to discover, identify and enjoy dragonflies and damselflies (order Odonata). Lecture topics include anatomy, taxonomy and ecology. In the field, we will cover practical skills for locating and identifying members of nearly every odonate family on the continent. Designed for beginning and advancing odonatologists, and for collectors and observers alike, the course will include catch-and-release identification, specimen collection and curation, basic nymph identification, and (for those interested) field photography. Brought to you by Biodiversity University.