February 2, 2018 / 5-6PM / North Branch Nature Center / Montpelier, Vermont

The Art of Nature. The Nature of Art.

Join Bryan for a gallery showing and reception during ArtWalk, Montpelier’s adventure in visual creativity. We’ll be celebrating among giant prints from Bryan and Wayne Fawbush in North Branch Nature Center’s new Maxham Room, which is fast becoming a center for art, science, nature and public gathering. Wayne and Bryan will talk about their different angles on photography. Besides the half-dozen of his prints on display, Bryan will run a continuous slide show with other scenes from nature — mostly flying things. Maybe we’ll discuss whether Bryan’s photography amounts to actual art or little more than a reflection of nature put in a frame and brought indoors. (Bryan’s not sure.)

April 25, 2018 / 6:30 PM / Richmond Free Library / Richmond, Vermont

Butterflies for Birders (and Beginners)

Long before birds showed up on Planet Earth, insects were already on the wing. They invented flight. Four hundred millions years later, butterfly diversity puts bird diversity to shame. Name a color or pattern or behavior — you’ll find it expressed in these gossamer insects. And it all plays out at your feet. In this program, Bryan brings you the skills for discovering and enjoying butterflies (with a brief detour to moths, which are about 20 times more diverse than butterflies). After his presentation, Bryan will include a short bonus session, for seasoned butterfly-watchers, on some of our classic identification challenges, including azures, anglewings and duskywings. This is a program for Green Mountain Audubon Society.

April 27, 2018 / 7-9pm / North Branch Nature Center / Montpelier, Vermont

Birds, Words and Notes: A Celebration of the World Around Us

This unusual program brings you poetry from Scudder Parker, a reading on nature from Bryan Pfeiffer, and music (originals and standards) from D. Davis on guitar and Ruth Einstein on violin. This event is a fundraiser for North Branch Nature Center, and is part of Kellogg-Hubbard Library’s PoemCity, an annual celebration of National Poetry Month. Everyone welcome. Admission by donation at North Branch Nature Center.

Spring 2018 / Time and Place to be Announced

Photography “Phundamentals” Workshop

Give Bryan four hours and he’ll give you your digital camera revealed. You’ll finally understand the dials, buttons and menus on point-and-shoot or SLR cameras. No longer will you set your dial to “AUTO” and hope for the best. With plain language and vivid examples, Bryan’s method helps any photographer capture images of nature, family, pets, sports, artwork, sunsets, landscapes or any of their own digital aspirations. Stay tuned for details.

July 1-7, 2018 / Eagle Hill Institute – Steuben, Maine

Dragonflies and Damselflies: Field Techniques and Identification

Although dragonflies and damselflies are fairly easy to learn, they can be hard to catch or observe in the field. This seminar will emphasize practical field skills for locating and identifying dragonflies and damselflies. Morning lectures will cover biology, taxonomy, and ecology. From late morning until late afternoon, in the field, participants will learn visual identification, net technique, catch-and-release identification, specimen collection, and (for those interested) photography. More details are on the way. Here is the course summary.

July 21-22, 2018 / Montpelier, Vermont

The Montpelier BioBlitz

Vermont’s state capital will be transformed into a unique natural festival when biologists and nature lovers of all ages converge on the city to inventory every living thing they can find. The catch is that participants have only 24 hours to discover Montpelier’s birds and butterflies, ferns and frogs, otters and orchids, and anything else that crawls, hops, slithers, swims, flies or even just sits there growing beside the pavement. More information is coming. But save the date for what is expected to be the greatest gathering for biodiversity ever assembled in Vermont.

November 2018 / Location to be Announced

Getting Gulls

They can be elegant or brutish, ambitious or lazy. And even as they pose for us in plain sight, they can be notoriously hard to identify — but not any more. During this one-hour session you’ll learn the best time and place and system for gull identification. You’ll discover how to look beyond feathers to identify gull species with confidence. We’ll even begin to demystify one birdwatching’s great challenges: immature gulls. With my images, videos and system (and strange sense of humor), among gulls you shall become a better birdwatcher — maybe even a better person.

Here’s a sampling of Bryans’s 2017 events.

Thursday, January 19, 2017 at Noon / Schoodic Institute, Acadia National Park, Winter Harbor, Maine

The Audacity of Migration

In the struggle for existence, migration is among nature’s great events. Birds do it. Whales do it. Even some insects move thousands of miles in spring or fall. Reporting from the frontiers of migration, Bryan Pfeiffer will reveal the secrets of migration from the perspective of a bird (Blackpoll Warbler), a butterfly (Monarch) and a dragonfly (Wandering Glider). With Bryan’s images, stories and humor, you’ll discover what new and innovative research tells us about how animals migrate to survive. This free talk is part of Schoodic Institute’s Brown Bag Lunch Series.

March 1, 2017 / 7PM / Newsbank Conference Center / Chester, Vermont

Birds, Butterflies, Backyards and Beyond

The American backyard is a crucible of culture and nature. Whether we grill out there, mow a lawn, or grow a garden, the backyard is a destination and a retreat — for us and for wildlife. With vivid images from nature and tales from the frontiers of wildlife science and stewardship, Bryan will present a fresh view of the wild outside our homes. He’ll offer practical advice for creating wildlife habitat in the yard and developing a wildlife ethic on a warming planet. You may be shocked to learn what’s flying around back there. This event is brought to you by The Nature Museum.