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The ABA "Get List"

Final Photo Objectives for the Acadian Butterfly Atlas

The Acadian Butterfly Atlas (ABA) is seeking publication-quality images of the butterflies in the two spreadsheet pages below. The “Get List” features relatively common species, with those in red among our highest priorities — basically the species for which we have no suitable image for the atlas.

The second list — “Rarities and Longshots” — represents far greater challenges: rare or accidental species that have occurred in the atlas region but for which we lack suitable atlas photographs. A good photo of any species on that second list would indeed be a prize.

We prefer to receive unedited RAW files at your camera’s maximum resolution. Contact Phillip de Maynadier with questions or with image files to submit.

Finally, listed immediately below are species on the wing during late May. Consult each spreadsheet list for other options. Thanks.

  • Dreamy and Sleepy duskywings
  • Arctic Skipper
  • Pepper-and-Salt Skipper
  • Cobweb Skipper
  • Canadian Tiger Swallowtail (ventral)
  • Henry’s Elfin
  • Any Vanessa species (Ladies and Red Admiral)
  • Compton Tortoiseshell
  • Polygonia species (Commas)

The “Get List”

Rarities and Longshots