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Fiction: The Breakup

Our ending had a beginning, a night fixed in my memory like every other event in our life together. On that night he didn’t reach for me, didn’t wake me with the touch that had always made me glow.

Point-and-Shoot Cameras for Nature Photography

Everything you need to know about cameras for botany, birds and other wildlife and nature photography, including 2021 camera reviews and recommendations.

A Thousand-Year-Old Dragonfly

Here in the Chihuahuan Desert, where water is scarce and sacred, I encounter an ancient dragonfly. But what dragonfly species is it? Is it even a dragonfly? I report; you decide.

A Flower’s Reproductive Antics

For two hours we sat beside a trail and did little more than observe how a stately flower reproduces. Our singular task was in part an act of rebellion.

Little Brown Butterflies and the Pandemic

Finding refuge from the coronavirus pandemic among rare brown butterflies and remote northern bogs.

When Songbirds Fall to Earth

Delivered from the fog, the grace and irony of tired warblers feeding at my feet on Monhegan Island, Maine.

Birds, Words and Notes

A celebration of nature in words, reflection and music.

On Darwin Day: Saving Songbirds

Today, Charles Darwin’s Birthday, I offer you a reflection from my annual bird survey at Bear Swamp in Wolcott, Vermont, where the Yellow-bellied Flycatchers call out no more.

Mid-Priced Spotting Scopes

IT MUST BE TOUGH BEING AN INVESTMENT BANKER or hedge fund manager. So many pricey spotting scopes; so little time. Swarovski, Leica or Kowa? How does the one percent decide? Life is so unfair for them. But if you’re among the…

In the Rainforest: Pleasure and Peril Among the Unknown

Spend a lifetime in the rainforest and you will learn but a fraction of its secrets. In Costa Rica, the drama of life on Earth plays out on a thousand stages in every direction. So here’s a report on the beauty of the tropics, its poisons and pleasures, and the pitfalls of knowledge. Oh, there’s also a slide show.