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— Bryan


... and welcome to the Butterfly
Identification and Ecology seminar.

May 30 - July 18, 2021

You’ve enrolled at the Silver-bordered Fritillary level. That means you’ll have full access to:

  • All Course Materials — This includes online video lectures, tutorial videos, readings and online updates from Bryan as the course proceeds.
  • iNaturalist Project — This gives you the option to upload any butterfly photos you might take during the seminar— and have them vetted by experts. You’ll learn more about iNaturalist in the class’s first unit.
  • Course Google Group — Our online discussion group for sharing questions and observations.
  • Online Meets — Every other week we’ll convene online for questions and solving some of our shared challenges.

In the meantime, before the seminar begins, I’ll contact everyone with a few details and a questionnaire about you own particular aspirations. Our online classroom and your first study unit will be available on May 30 (or May 2 for butterflyers in the southern US).

Stay tuned for updates. And thanks again!