Field Work

As a birder and field entomologist, Bryan conducts wildlife inventories for governments, non-profits, and private landowners. A few examples:

  • During the 2017 field season, Bryan will be surveying in northern Vermont for rare birds and insects.
  • In Maine, Bryan discovered rare butterflies on property owned by the Army National Guard.
  • For the City of South Burlington, Vermont, Bryan completed a rapid survey of breeding birds.
  • For Teal Farm in Huntington, Vermont, he inventoried birds and dragonflies for a sustainable farm project.
  • For the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife, Bryan searched for and discovered conservation-worthy dragonflies in wetlands and rivers.
  • And for the Vermont Center for Ecostudies, Bryan was the lead field entomologist for a six-year survey of Vermont butterflies.

Armchair Nature

Bring the outdoors inside and on-screen with Bryan’s vivid images and stories from the frontiers of nature and biology. Presented with humor and exuberance, Bryan’s lectures feature topics on birds, insects, evolution, courtship, migration, the Arctic, or whatever’s flying around in your own backyard.

These talks work well for Audubon chapters, garden clubs, university classes, conservation organizations and community groups of all kinds. Bryan’s standard lecture fee: $300 plus travel expenses. Contact Bryan about lecture ideas.

Birdwatching Trips

For more than three decades Bryan has been guiding people to the essential joys of nature. He leads birdwatching tours across the continent. He teaches seminars on birds, butterflies and dragonflies at the prestigious Eagle Hill Institute in Maine. And he offers his own workshops on nature to people of all interest and abilities. Discover what’s up next on Bryan’s Events page.

Charter Bryan for a customized nature outing for your family, employees, friends or community group. Together we can design a nature tour — here in Vermont or someplace exotic and far away. Contact Bryan about details and rates.

Photo Workshops

Give Bryan a few hours, and he’ll give you your digital camera explained and revealed. You’ll finally understand the dials, buttons and menus on point-and-shoot or SLR cameras. No longer will you set your dial to “AUTO” and hope for the best. With plain language and vivid examples, Bryan’s workshops help any photographer capture images of nature, family, pets, sports, artwork, sunsets, landscapes and most any of their own digital aspirations.

Bryan has run these workshops everywhere from the Grand Canyon in Arizona to flower gardens in Vermont. They’re ideal for Audubon chapters, garden clubs, art centers and other community groups. Contact Bryan for details and prices.