Discovering and Celebrating the Aquatic Form of Dragonflies and Damselflies

NymphFest 2016

Added March 7: NymphFest 2016 is now complete. But this site will live on as a resource until the next NymphFest, wherever and whenever that may be.

Spend a weekend from March 4-6, 2016, in the good company of dragonfly and damselfly nymphs. NymphFest feature lectures, identification sessions, and even a short collecting field trip. Our speaker and lead instructor is Dr. Ken Tennessen, now at work on a major monograph on the identification of North American nymphs of the order Odonata. The NymphFest fee is $50 for the weekend or $35 for one day, payable at the door.

NymphFest is brought to you by the Northeast Chapter of the Dragonfly Society of the Americas and the Vermont Center for Ecostudies.

Digital nymph images © Marla Garrison. Site design by Bryan Pfeiffer.

I want to:

Send an email to Bryan Pfeiffer and let him know the state in which you live. That’s it. You can pay at the door. The NymphFest fee is $50 for the weekend or $35 for one day.
We’re welcoming short presentations on research or relevant work. We may also need folks to present on certain essentials of nymph identification. Contact Mike Blust about all this.
  1. Kevin Hemeon – NY
  2. Bryan Pfeiffer – VT
  3. Michael Blust – VT
  4. Ken Tennessen – WI
  5. Kent McFarland – VT
  6. Nick Donnelly – NY
  7. Linda “Stick” LaPan – NY
  8. Laura Tobin – VT
  9. Phillip Bonn – NY
  10. Pam Hunt – NH
  11. Laura Gaudette – VT
  12. Josh Lincoln – VT
  13. Rebecca Cushing – MA
  14. Jay Smith – MA
  15. Elizabeth Janes – NY
  16. David Allan Fitch – MA
  17. Doug Burnham – VT
  18. Erin White – NY
  19. Jeff Corser – NY
  20. Mike and Wanda Moccio – CT
  21. Tony “Doc” Schoch – PA
  22. Steven Daniel – NY
  23. Ken Lebo – PA
  24. Kirsten Martin – CT
  25. Wally Jenkins – VT
  26. Peter D. Hazelton – MA
  27. Josh Rose – MA
  28. Larry Potter – NH
  29. Laurie DiCesare – VT
  30. Tim Tatakis – NY
  31. Steve and Vici Diehl – NY
  32. Patricia E. Greene-Swift – VT
  33. Jason Forbes – MA
  34. Jim Deshler – VT
  35.  Lorena Krenitsky – AZ
  36. Meena Haribal – NY
  37. Mike Slater – PA
  38. Stephen Pecylak – NY
  39. Megan Petersohn – IL
Update No. 1 — 5 Feb 2016

Update No. 2 — 28 Feb 2016

Update No. 3 — 3 Mar 2016 (FINAL)


Meeting Headquarters
 – One World Conservation Center — On U.S. Route 7 in Bennington, not far from the motels, this will be our site for lectures and workshops. 

Primary Lodging
– Knotty Pine Motel — The smaller of our two options, so you’ll want to reserve a room soon. Rate is $72 plus tax (based on double occupancy) and $8 per additional person. Breakfast is not included.

– Best Western New Englander —  We have a block of 15 rooms reserved here for $94.65 plus tax (double occupancy) and $7 for each additional person. Our block will be held for your reservation until Feb. 4. Breakfast is included here. When you register, tell the hotel you’re with the dragonfly meeting.

Local Attractions
A Local Dining Guide — Quick reviews of places to eat.


We’ll gather informally on Friday evening, March 4, and will disburse for supper in nearby restaurants. Each morning begins with coffee, tea and pastry.

Saturday, March 5

7:30 AM – Gathering, coffee, tea, food
8:30 AM – Welcome
8:45 AM – Why Nymphs Matter (Bryan Pfeiffer and Pam Hunt)
9:00 AM – Nymph Morphology for Beginners and Identification to Family (Pam Hunt)
10:30 AM – BREAK
10:45 AM – Nymph Enlightenment in the Field and on the Page (Ken Tennessen)
12:00 PM – Exuviae Surveys for Determining Species Composition and Abundance (Pam Hunt)
12:30 PM – LUNCH
1:30PM – Gomphidae Identification to Genus (Kevin Hemeon)
2:30PM – Scopes and Skins: Participant Identification Session with Ken and other experts
4:45 PM – Short Collecting Trip
7PM – General Northeastern Odonata Discussion with Nick Donnelly and others

Sunday, March 6

7:30 AM – Gathering, coffee, tea, food
8:30 AM – ID Sessions for Key Genera:
– Northeastern Stylurus to species (Kevin Hemeon)
– Northeastern Ophiogomphus (Mike Blust)
– Northeastern Aeshna (Mike Blust)
– Northeastern Neurocordulia (Pam Hunt)
– Finding Williamsonia among the Leucorhinnia (Pam Hunt)
– Other IDs
– On-screen Photos of Mystery Nymphs for Group Identification Lessons
1:00 PM – Rearing Nymphs (Mike Blust)
1:45 PM – Mapping Odonata Nymph Data (Kent McFarland)
2:30 PM – Scopes and Skins: Participant Identification Session with Ken and others experts
4:30 PM – Closing remarks

Participants are encouraged to bring specimens (nymphs or exuviae) for swapping and sharing during our identification sessions.

If you’re so inclined, please bring a stereoscope!