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Dragonhunter (Hagenius brevistylus)

Dragonflies and Damselflies

A Field Course in Vermont – July 10-12, 2020

Pick any scene from the drama of life on Earth: birth, growth, beauty, courtship, reproduction, betrayal, murder. Find them all expressed in the lives of dragonflies. Shakespeare could have written the script for these insects.

This seminar, based in Montpelier, Vermont, emphasizes practical field skills for locating and identifying members of the order Odonata. In morning lectures we discuss biology, taxonomy and ecology. In the field every day, from late morning until late afternoon, we practice visual identification (through binoculars), net technique, catch-and-release identification, specimen collection, nymph identification and (for those interested) photography.

Suitable for beginning and advancing odonatologists, and for collectors and observers alike, this seminar coincides with peak dragonfly activity in Vermont. You will get wet and be happy in the company of these charismatic insects. This workshop is brought to you by Biodiversity University, an adventure in education offered by North Branch Nature Center in Montpelier, Vermont.

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